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Iraq's first ground PV power plant project was completed


Recently, the completion ceremony was held for the 2.5MW PV power station project in the 9th district of Iraq. The general adviser of  Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, the director of the Renewable Energy Bureau, and the first vice president of the Basra Oil Company of the Ministry of Petroleum attended the ceremony and expressed high praise and congratulations on the completion and commissioning of the project. The project power station is an off-grid energy storage power supply system. It is located in Basra Province, southern Iraq. It is the first ground PV power station in Iraq.

The completion ceremony

This project adopts PowerFit-Blade, the latest multidrive trackers from Powerway, with double-row modules. Even in a harsh environment with a high sand wind speed of 45m/s, PowerFit-Blade could run smoothly.

PowerFit-Blade solar tracker

The control and communication system of the tracker adopts Powerway's latest sixth-generation tracking system, which supports the debugging of mobile phone.

The PV station exhibition hall

The general advisor of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and his delegation visited the PV station project. In the PV station exhibition hall, the O&M engineer demonstrated PowerSmart One, the SCADA system independently developed by Powerway. 

The system integrates multiple technical applications of intelligent PV power plants. The PowerSmart One collects environmental information through sensors to automatically control the tracking system to reduce the risk of extreme weather. The team was satisfied with the intelligent systems of Powerway.

The project is located in an oil and military-controlled area, so the product requirements are strict. The technical team of Powerway actively responded to the customer's design standards and needs, delivered products on schedule and provided installation assistance.

Visited the PV project

The successful delivery and operation of the project have also attracted the attention of the Iraqi government, the Ministry of Petroleum, the Ministry of Electric Power, foreign investors, and local developers. 

The successful delivery of this project is an important step for Powerway to expand the Middle East market. We will increase investment in research and development, continue to deepen the global market and provide customers with high-quality, intelligent, and reliable fixed tilts and PV trackers.