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Electric Angle-adjustable Fixed Structures— A new option in desert


With the completion of the installation of the last array, it means that the Powerway 50MW PV project in Northwest China was delivered. The project is located in the Desert, where the wind and sand are strong all year round, and the maximum wind speed reaches 38m/s. The power station is expected to be connected to the grid by the end of this year, and the average annual power generation will reach 218.75 million kW·h, equivalent to 87,675 tons of standard coal power generation, reducing the emission of 64,000 tons of CO2.

Electric Angle-adjustable Fixed Structures

The module arrangement of a single row is 2X26. Therefore, if the manually angle-adjustable fixed structure was adopted, it will raise the cost of O&M .  The technical team of Powerway has upgraded the manually angle-adjustable fixed structure so that the adjustment transmission part can be fully connected to the electric motor.  Compare to the traditional fixed structure, the electric angle-adjustable will increase power generation by more than 10%.

Electric Angle-adjustable Fixed Structures

The project site is located in the desert, and there are problems such as uneven land with slope and soil salinization. For this reason, we adopt a concrete pile foundation. A large number of piles foundations are deeply inserted into the sand, which plays a good role in sand fixation. Powerway actively cooperates with the local government to create a "PV + sand control" project model with win-win economic and environmental benefits.

Electric Angle-adjustable Fixed Structures