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Powerway empower Guangdong on the goal of Carbon peak and Carbon Neutralization


Since the goal of Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutralization was put forward, renewable energy has attracted mainstream attention and become a hot general direction, especially in the field of Solar PV region. 

Recently, Powerway successfully won the bid for the industrial and commercial PV solar roof projet, metal sheet rooftop of more than 8MWp in several factories in Foshan, Guangdong.

In the early stage, Powerway assisted the client to evaluate the feasibility of the project and arranged for the engineer to survey the roof of the site. There are no obstacles around the rooftop, enough long sunshine time with sufficient area. It is perfect for PV solar systems. 

Rooftop Mounting System

However, after such years service of the factories, the actual metal sheet roof  was repaired by other special types of metal sheet due to the leakage of water. Therefore, the varieties of metal sheet tile has increased much difficulties of this project.

While at the design process, after enough careful adaptability tests and Pull Out Tests, Powerway has successfully matched various metal roof with its own developed and designed clamps.

Within the professional Engineer Team and remarkable technical design ability, Powerway further won the trust and recognition of customers! Powerway will make continuous efforts and progress in the national double carbon goal!